A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Friend House is an Escape Room Puzzle Game

made with Godot Engine 3

game version: v0.1.3

what's New in v0.1.3

- fixed delete savegame Button

- old savegame detected message

- fixed some bugs


Friend_House_v013.apk 28 MB
FriendHouse_win_v013.zip 13 MB
FriendHouse_linux_v013.zip 15 MB


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I played this game for ~40 minutes and then it crashed(attached pic showed error messages I received throughout me playing). I also couldn't find the slip of paper with the 4/5 conjoined squares on it anywhere. Not sure if these are related or not.

yeah the game in development so there is still bugs in the game

sorry :(

welcome :)